Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac

Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac

Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac. Review – Tor is a free programming and open system uncommonly intended to help you secure your protection and safeguard against different types of system observation. The Tor task is taking into account the Onion Routing, once a mystery venture of the U.S. Maritime Research Lab, and is created and kept up by an open-source group.

Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac Latest Version

Conceal your IP address by utilizing intermediaries all around the globe
Tor keeps the hiding so as to observe of your Internet association your personality and counteracting IP location following back to your Mac. With a specific end goal to secure your association, Tor utilizes different servers from around the globe and reroutes your URL ask for through numerous servers to conceal the way from your Mac to the destination URL.  Tor Browser is a basic a simple to-utilize bundle that introduces and help you deal with the Tor venture programming on your Mac. The establishment procedure is really direct, you simply need to download the ZIP document, concentrate and dispatch the application.

Programmed association with the Tor system
Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac Latest Version The Tor Browser application is in view of Firefox and incorporates the Vidalia system association utility. On account of Vidalia the association with the Tor system is consequently accomplished each time you dispatch Tor Browser. The Vidalia Control Panel empowers you to design and deal with your association with the Thor system. You additionally have the choice to Use a New Identity, see the Bandwidth Graph, open the Message Log and View the Network.  Tor Browser’s interface is like Firefox 17.0.8 except for the Tor-particular elements, for example, NoScript, the Torbutton and SSL Observatory. From the Torbutton slide menu you can ask for another character, open the Cookie Protection chief and the Preferences window.

Physically change your web searching protection settings
By getting to the Torbutton Preferences window you can arrange the intermediary settings and empower or incapacitate different security settings, for example, “Debilitate program plugins”, “Limit outsider treats” and then some. Another helpful component is the compactness of the application. Tor Browser Bundle is independent and, therefore, it can be keep running off a USB streak driver without the need of introducing the application.

Easy to understand and instinctive answer for boosting your security while scanning the web
As it turn out from our tests, Tor Browser is smooth-running and simple to-utilize. On the other hand, you will see a rate drop in the matter of web scanning brought about by the steady movement rerouting. On the other hand, regardless of the decline of the velocity of your Internet association, Tor Browser merits introducing in the event that you need to conceal your area and quality your security.

Download Tor Browser 2015 for Mac Latest Update


RUNS ON : Mac OS X 10.5 or later