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Download Rowmote Helper 2015 for Mac. Review – Every now and then, you may discover yourself far from your Mac and needing changing the right now playing track in iTunes or to skirt the melody you listen to on Spotify. For such circumstances, Apple has imagined the Apple Remote, an easy to utilize and extremely convenient gadget that makes it simple to control your Mac when you’re doing something else and your mouse is not inside of your arm’s span.

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Relaxed and dependably close by remote application controller
In spite of the fact that the Apple Remote is the go to gadget in the matter of remote controlling a Mac, there are different method for accomplishing this. You can do the definite thing utilizing an iOS gadget and an utility like Rowmote Helper, an application that keeps running out of sight and verifies that you can deal with the OS X applications running on your Mac utilizing Rowmote or Rowmote Pro for iOS and your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Utilize any iOS gadget as a remote for your Mac
Rowmote has been planned without any preparation to be an immaculate trade for your Apple Remote that can be utilized at whatever point you’ve lost the remote, you would prefer not to go in the following space to search for it or in case you’re simply more open to utilizing your iOS gadget as opposed to bearing another device.  An essential favorable position Rowmote has over the Apple Remote is the way that you needn’t bother with an immediate viewable pathway to your Mac in light of the fact that Rowmote doesn’t utilize an IR association with control you’re PC. Rowmote lives up to expectations over your remote system, hence, the length of your iPhone is joined with the same gadget as your Mac seems to be, you’ll be responsible for what’s occurring on the desktop.

Rowmote Helper 2015 for Mac OS X Once introduced on your Mac, Rowmote Helper will consequently add itself to the login things rundown to dependably be accessible when you start up Rowmote for iOS with a specific end goal to control your applications remotely.  Support for controlling an unlimited grouping of OS X applications Furthermore, Rowmote accompanies constructed in backing for controlling an enormous scope of uses, iTunes, Spotify, VLC, DVD Player, Keynote, Quicktime, Safari, Aperture and Firefox being some of them (for a full rundown of every upheld application you can go HERE.)  Other than having the capacity to place you in control of a plenty of OS X applications, Rowmote is likewise equipped for sending your Mac to rest and wake it up at whatever point you have to utilize it once more. Consolidate that with setting your Mac to request a secret word when it leaves rest, and you’ve got yourself a basic and extremely viable approach to rapidly bolt your PC when going ceaselessly.

Control your applications utilizing an iOS gadget joined with the same remote system as your Mac
Everything considered, Rowmote Helper in pair with its iOS partners, Rowmote and Rowmote Pro for iOS, will make it simple to control what happens on your Mac’s desktop over a remote association

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RUNS ON : Mac 10.7 or later