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Chessie 2016 Free Download. Review – Chessie is a cost-free chess video game that has none of the common complexities, making it as straightforward as well as light-weight as feasible.

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There’s an expense to taking this technique, naturally, and also graphics is one of the very first. There are no beautiful natural 3D chess items below; you have fun with fundamental symbols. These can’t be dragged and dropped to move them (instead you click on an item, after that where you desire it to be moved). As well as there are no extras, like playing hints or network multiplayer alternatives.

But on the other hand, you do designing several trouble levels. If you run out of time then you could save a certain game to continue it later. Or, if you wish to exercise your abilities anywhere, after that all you need to do is copy the program’s executable data (a tiny 1.58 MB) to a USB flash drive. Connect this into any sort of convenient COMPUTER (Windows 2000 or later on) as well as your portable chess opponent will certainly be ready to do fight.

None of this will certainly be enough for grandmasters, after that. Yet if you’re a chess newbie, looking for a light-weight and also portable chess challenger, then Chessie might appeal: it’s absolutely worth a try.

While it’s extremely standard, Chessie is likewise easy to use, as well as the capacity to run it from a USB flash drive makes it convenient, too

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Chessie 2016 for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

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