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Acer eLock Management 2017 Free Download. Review – Acer eLock Management controls the entrance to optical and floppy drives, removable capacity gadgets and different interfaces to guarantee that information stays safe when the PC is unattended. Acer eLock Management can likewise be utilized to counteract utilization of drives, gadgets and interfaces on PCs that are for open utilization, for example, those in an open domain. Acer eLock Management offers a helpful method for keeping information from being duplicated to outside capacity media, for example, an optical plate, blaze drive or floppy circle.

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Before utilizing Acer eLock Management
Utilization of Acer eLock Management obliges framework director benefits or else a mistake message will be shown and Acer eLock Management will exit. Check client benefits first.
Make the Acer Empowering Technology secret word
After client benefits have been affirmed, you will be provoked to make an Acer Empowering Technology secret word if one does not exist.

The Acer eLock Management utility prompts to make an Acer Empowering Technology secret word with the window message ” This utility needs to set up a watchword before utilizing it.” The two catches at the base are “Setup” and “Scratch off”. Tapping the “Setup” catch prompts the window ” Empowering Technology Password Center” with the catch checked ” Create a New Password”. Tapping the catch Opens the third window inciting for “New Password”, “Affirm” and “Indication”.

The client interface
Acer eLock Management uses a basic graphical client interface to bolt and open drives, gadgets and interfaces for which get to can be controlled and are recorded on the fundamental screen, each with a lock and open catch. In the wake of altering settings, tap the “Apply” catch to empower changes. In the wake of clicking “Apply” or endeavoring to close the client interface with adjusted settings, an “Enter Pass word” dialog will show up. The Acer Empowering Technology secret word will must be entered to empower the new settings, or press “Scratch off” to forsake the alteration.

Entering the secret key finishes the operations and the Device is presently bolted. When a gadget is bolted the gadget will be crippled by Acer eLock Management and the drive symbol and letter won’t show up in Windows Explorer. The gadget can’t be gotten to unless Acer eLock Management Unlocking secret word is entered and the Device is Unlocked.

Entering your secret key
At whatever point you endeavor to change the status of a drive, gadget or interface you will be requested the Acer Empowering Technology watchword.

On the off chance that the wrong watchword is entered, snap “Insight:” to get secret key clue or “Retry” to enter the secret key once more.

Popup messages
At the point when Acer eLock Management is being used, popup messages are shown in the base right corner of the screen to caution you to the status of drives, gadgets and interfaces. Acer eLock Management will show a message illuminating you of drive, gadget or interface status at whatever point media is distinguished or embedded.

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Support Windows 10 / Windows 8/8.1 / Windows 7 / XP / Vista 32/64bit